Pilates Instructor – Susan Davern

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619763716Peak Pilates Certified Instructor

When I was a dancer in NYC in the 80s, I was fortunate enough to couple my grueling class and performance schedule with Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska, a Joseph Pilates elder, at SUNY College at Purchase. She was inspirational at making the simplest exercises compliment a dancer’s body, and explained why it was critical to marry the two. Her infectious smile and grace are what I remember most, and that is what I try to implement in all my classes.

For years, I continued performing and teaching dance, but neglected my Pilates practice. I continued the mat exercises because I felt a stronger core infiltrated all body parts when dancing.  I have been teaching dance and the basic elements of Pilates for over thirty years. I believe a dancer’s body is at its purest form of strength when both practices are merged into existence in the classroom and on stage.

In recent years, I have had knee issues and yoga classes were not working with keeping the pain at bay. Injections and knee replacement had been discussed, but I adamantly refused.  I came back into true personal Pilates a year ago when fate brought me to Johns Creek Pilates.  I believe when I walked in the door and met Brooke Fanning, I was meant to be part of a company that believes in total body wellness with the Pilates principles. We sought training as a team, and teach as a team.  Suddenly, my knee pain has diminished considerably. I never received the injections and replacement conversations have been tabled. I love teaching dance and Pilates, and I am thrilled to teach with a team that keeps Joseph Pilates and his program alive here in the Johns Creek area.

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