Pilates Instructor – LeAnn Greer

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LeAnn-GreerPeak Pilates Certified Instructor

Although my husband denies starting Pilates because of the good-looking instructor, he was the first one to try the new (to us) exercise regimen. I was just glad he was going to do something to exercise besides his cardio workout. He began his sessions and really liked it. He wanted me to try it, too. I went to a duet session with him and I hated it. We moved so slowly!

After a few months, he wanted me to try it again. This time it was fun and challenging. He had progressed to my beginning level (not to boast…but I am naturally a lot more flexible than he is & also used to following those kinds of instructions). I really felt that I was getting something from the program and we began to go together regularly. Well, that was 5 years ago and we are both still at it.

When we first met, he could not touch his toes. He can do that now…on one of his better days. Both of us have become stronger & more flexible. It seems like we are getting injured less and feel really good.

Being a retired teacher and having loved teaching, I decided to become an instructor. I went through the first level of instruction in the classical, Peak Pilates system. It was a really difficult program, both physically and mentally. Peak follows the principles of Joseph Pilates for whom the program is named.

I am now training at the next level so that I can give my clients an even better workout and knowledge of the Pilates program. In fact, I even bought several pieces of equipment for my own basement so that I can practice as often as I like and teach my husband as well. I still am, of course, still take lessons from another Peak instructor to be sure I am not slacking off.

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