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Pilates Instructor – LeAnn Greer

LeAnn-GreerPeak Pilates Certified Instructor

Although my husband denies starting Pilates because of the good-looking instructor, he was the first one to try the new (to us) exercise regimen. I was just glad he was going to do something to exercise besides his cardio workout. He began his sessions and really liked it. He wanted me to try it, too. I went to a duet session with him and I hated it. We moved so slowly!

After a few months, he wanted me to try it again. This time it was fun and challenging. He had progressed to my beginning level (not to boast…but I am naturally a lot more flexible than he is & also used to following those kinds of instructions). I really felt that I was getting something from the program and we began to go together regularly. Well, that was 5 years ago and we are both still at it.

When we first met, he could not touch his toes. He can do that now…on one of his better days. Both of us have become stronger & more flexible. It seems like we are getting injured less and feel really good.

Being a retired teacher and having loved teaching, I decided to become an instructor. I went through the first level of instruction in the classical, Peak Pilates system. It was a really difficult program, both physically and mentally. Peak follows the principles of Joseph Pilates for whom the program is named.

I am now training at the next level so that I can give my clients an even better workout and knowledge of the Pilates program. In fact, I even bought several pieces of equipment for my own basement so that I can practice as often as I like and teach my husband as well. I still am, of course, still take lessons from another Peak instructor to be sure I am not slacking off.

Pilates Instructor – Susan Davern

619763716Peak Pilates Certified Instructor

When I was a dancer in NYC in the 80s, I was fortunate enough to couple my grueling class and performance schedule with Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska, a Joseph Pilates elder, at SUNY College at Purchase. She was inspirational at making the simplest exercises compliment a dancer’s body, and explained why it was critical to marry the two. Her infectious smile and grace are what I remember most, and that is what I try to implement in all my classes.

For years, I continued performing and teaching dance, but neglected my Pilates practice. I continued the mat exercises because I felt a stronger core infiltrated all body parts when dancing.  I have been teaching dance and the basic elements of Pilates for over thirty years. I believe a dancer’s body is at its purest form of strength when both practices are merged into existence in the classroom and on stage.

In recent years, I have had knee issues and yoga classes were not working with keeping the pain at bay. Injections and knee replacement had been discussed, but I adamantly refused.  I came back into true personal Pilates a year ago when fate brought me to Johns Creek Pilates.  I believe when I walked in the door and met Brooke Fanning, I was meant to be part of a company that believes in total body wellness with the Pilates principles. We sought training as a team, and teach as a team.  Suddenly, my knee pain has diminished considerably. I never received the injections and replacement conversations have been tabled. I love teaching dance and Pilates, and I am thrilled to teach with a team that keeps Joseph Pilates and his program alive here in the Johns Creek area.

Pilates Instructor – Brooke Dempsey-Fanning

Brooke-FanningOwner/Peak Pilates Certified Instructor

After having children, I experienced the tiredness and lack of time that all mothers face when having small ones. The everyday routine of working, trying to involve myself in some sort of cardio activity and waking up in the middle of the night with two small children had become a lot for me to handle. My life revolved around “fitting in” an exercise routine in my already full day.

While working in my husband’s Chiropractic office I met a patient that influenced me to be a duet Pilates partner with her. Hesitant to find yet another exercise regime to keep my interest peaked, I succumbed.

After attending a few Pilates classes I came to realize that my Chiropractic beliefs and the teachings of Joseph Pilates went hand-in-hand. I was able to see how an integrated and holistic approach to spinal health was proof on how the human body can heal itself through proper exercise. I then began practicing the art of Pilates on a more frequent basis and began taking individualized private lessons.

Pilates gave me back the health, energy, and core strength that I once had. It also gave me the mind, body and spiritual connection that I needed on a frequent basis. I am more comfortable with my body and have noticed significant differences in my posture, body awareness, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

Believing in the classical Pilates principals so much, I decided to open a studio of my own and invite Susan and LeAnn (who introduced me to Pilates) to join along! I am currently receiving my Level II certification and plan on becoming comprehensively certified by next January.

Johns Creek Pilates opens their new studio in the Suwanee/Johns Creek area

2917599346Johns Creek, GA — Brooke Dempsey-Fanning, owner of Johns Creek Pilates is hosting an Open House and Ribbon Cutting Party on Thursday, August 14th at 5:30 p.m. The community is welcome, so please join us for drinks, refreshments and door prizes. Everyone attending will have the opportunity to purchase reformer and group packages with an “Open House” discount.

Johns Creek Pilates is located at 4375 Johns Creek Parkway, Ste. 330 in Suwanee, Georgia.  All Johns Creek Pilates instructors are fully certified and classically trained by Peak Pilates®. Our instructors specialize on a total body workout that focuses on improving your strength, posture and balance.

Johns Creek Pilates houses top-of-the-line Peak Pilates® equipment. We offer individual instruction as well as duet and group classes. Join us in celebrating the opening of our studio! We look forward to meeting you to discuss what Pilates is and how it’s practice can change your body!