Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, we recommend you contact us to schedule an introductory private lesson. If you have a partner wanting to train with you then you both can begin classes together as a duet.

What is a duet class?

A duet class consists of yourself and a partner. Duet classes can reap the benefits of a private class, while cutting down the cost. To best accommodate a duet class, we ask that you bring a family member, friend or neighbor to join.

How long is a session and what should I wear?

All classes are 55 minutes, so we recommend arriving to the studio 10 minutes beforehand to make sure you are ready to start on time to make the most out of your training. Women can wear yoga pants/shorts with a fitting shirt. Men can wear running or cycling shorts underneath their exercise shorts. Bringing a water bottle and towel is also recommended.

Why can’t I just work out with a Pilates DVD at home?

To reap the full benefits of Pilates you must practice the exercises correctly. Performing Pilates exercises incorrectly will not provide the quick results or the long-term body/mind integration that Pilates is renowned for. You can injure yourself as well. By following a DVD training program, poor movement habits can be learned if not taught properly. If these are not corrected by experienced and certified Pilates Instructors then you can compound the very problem you are trying to challenge.

What is the Johns Creek Pilates cancellation policy?

Our studio adheres to a strict appointment cancellation or rescheduling at least 24-hours in advance. Without proper notification, your credit card may be charged or a visit off of your current package will be used. If you schedule and cancel/reschedule on the same day you may still be charged. We strictly adhere to our cancellation policies out of respect to our other clients and instructors. If you are part of a duet class you are responsible for making up the fee to the cost of a private lesson. 

If you have any queries or want to find out more then please contact us.