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Johns Creek Pilates Studio location:
6385 McGinnis Ferry Road, Ste. 201
Johns Creek, GA 30005


Why Johns Creek Pilates is Your Best Choice!

Pilates classes at Johns Creek Pilates offer a full-body workout that is low impact and progression based. Our Instructors are classically trained and they always pay attention to your specific needs.

 A Healthier You!

Why do so many people choose Pilates for Health? That's simple!

Pilates restores health by improving core strength, increasing your flexibility and lengthens your spine.

You should do Pilates to feel better! Pilates clears your mind of clutter and helps to eliminate stress. Pilates improves your posture and promotes health by improving your balance. Pilates for Health is Pilates for Life!

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If you would please share your name, email address and a brief description of what you are looking for with your Pilates program, we will get back to your promptly. While your at it, go ahead and give us a few dates and times that you would like to take a lesson.

We look forward to hearing from you!