Pilates Classes

Decrease Stress, Build Energy, Feel Younger,
Be Healthy!

Are you new to Johns Creek Pilates, or maybe you've never done a Pilates class before? Sign up for our new client special to get yourself oriented. Four Private Pilates sessions for just $200! 

Confused Where to Begin?

Don't worry! No matter what your level of fitness is, we have a Pilates class for you. 

Private Sessions

One-on-one Pilates training using the Pilates Reformer, Original Mat, Tower, Cadillac, High/Low Chair, Pedi Pole and small and large Barrels. Workouts are customized to individual needs and abilities to offer you a fast track approach to effective change and special attention.

Duet Sessions

The advantage of personalized Pilates training but training at a lower cost, working with a partner who commits to the same schedule and has similar goals and abilities. You can also benefit from the motivation of a workout partner.

Small Group Sessions

With a maximum of five in a group, this training feels personal enough to ensure that correct movements are made for maximum effect. Classes may be a combination of reformer, mat and tower.