Our Pilates Instructor

Brooke Fanning
Level 3 Certified Peak Pilates Instructor

Brooke has been the owner and operator of Johns Creek Pilates since 2014. After working in a Chiropractic setting for many years and seeing how the body can heal itself with the correct support, she found how the power of Pilates goes hand in hand with these holistic principles and ideas.

Brooke is a Peak PilatesĀ® Comprehensive, Level 3 instructor. Classically trained, Brooke believes in the series of precise, controlled movements while working on posture, functionality, and flexibility, authentic to Joseph Pilates teachings.

Brooke's training experience includes professional football players and athletes, actors, executives, moms, and individuals with knee, hip, neck, and back issues. She has been very successful in surgery rehabilitation and working with some clients to postpone (or prevent) surgeries!

In her free time, Brooke and her husband like to spend time at the soccer field and hockey rink watching their kids (Lliam and Quinn) play competitive sports. Her and her family also like to travel every chance they get to the beach or out west!

Brooke brings her Pilates mat and apparatus skills to Johns Creek Pilates. It was whilst working in a chiropractic office and seeing how the body could heal with the right support that Brooke first became interested in the power of Pilates and how this training goes hand in hand with these holistic principles and ideas.

After having children, Brooke turned to Pilates to restore her energy and interest in exercise and improve her core strength. Experiencing the mind, body, and spirit connection during those first few sessions, By practicing Pilates on a regular basis Brooke experienced amazing external and internal transformation and improvement.