Classical Pilates in Johns Creek, GA

At Johns Creek Pilates, we help our clients improve their core strength and long-term wellness through a progression-based program of Pilates. We offer private, duet, and group sessions that develops strength, improves your energy, and improves your long-term wellness.

Why You'll Love Johns Creek Pilates

Johns Creek Pilates is a classically trained Pilates studio that focuses on the holistic development of the body, mind and spirit through movement.

Our Instructors have all earned level three state-of-the-art Comprehensive and Mat certifications  that allows you to carefully progress at your own pace with a world class instructor.

We Are Now Offering Virtual Classes!

If you are interested in beginning a Pilates program with our studio, you can begin your sessions from home. Call the studio and talk with Brooke, at 404-993-0250.

Dedicated Pilates Studio

Johns Creek Pilates is located in the center of the Johns Creek Medical District and has been since 2014. Our studio uses state-of-the-art classical pilates equipment.

We proudly provide service to the greater Johns Creek community, which we are thrilled to be a part of.  Our studio offers reformers, chairs, barrels and more. We have everything that you could possibly looking for.

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Alex S.

Johns Creek Pilates has been an excellent experience for me – the staff is kind, honest, insightful, experienced and fun! When I started with them I was suffering with lower back issues and leg injuries from years of soccer – they were able to craft a routine to first help my back then later adjust it to support my return to fitness so I can play the sport I love. Thanks guys!

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