5 Reasons to Use an Exercise Ball as a Chair

exercise ball chair
by admin // February 11 // 0 Comments

In January, our studio received many new clients with back pain, tight hip flexors and tight hamstrings due to sitting in front of a computer all day. Using an exercise ball (sometimes referred to as a “yoga ball”) at your workplace has many benefits for your overall health, including your spine.

  1. Forces proper spine alignment. Because an exercise ball is not stable, your body needs to try to balance itself on it. The perfect spinal posture is coincidently the easiest to balance with. Thus, your body will automatically try to align itself into the proper posture. This helps improve your spinal health, and decrease back pains.
  2. Causes you to frequently change positions. An exercise ball causes to you to change your position often to balance. This helps reduce damage caused by prolonged sitting in the same position.
  3. Fitness is at your fingertips. Another great thing about using this alternative to a chair, is that you can do stretches or mini-workouts whenever you want, without getting up. If you’ve ever stuck waiting for a minute or two, you can make productive use of that time with a quick workout or stretch. Because it’s much more convenient, you will probably do it more, thus resulting in better health.
  4. Improve your balance. Sitting on an unstable surface all day will improve your sense of balance, as well as the reactions of your muscles.
  5. Improves your circulation. Using an exercise ball will keep the blood flowing to all parts of your body, throughout the day. A desk chair on the other hand, reduces circulation to some parts of the body after prolonged use.

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