Pilates Instructor – Brooke Dempsey-Fanning

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Brooke-FanningOwner/Peak Pilates Certified Instructor

After having children, I experienced the tiredness and lack of time that all mothers face when having small ones. The everyday routine of working, trying to involve myself in some sort of cardio activity and waking up in the middle of the night with two small children had become a lot for me to handle. My life revolved around “fitting in” an exercise routine in my already full day.

While working in my husband’s Chiropractic office I met a patient that influenced me to be a duet Pilates partner with her. Hesitant to find yet another exercise regime to keep my interest peaked, I succumbed.

After attending a few Pilates classes I came to realize that my Chiropractic beliefs and the teachings of Joseph Pilates went hand-in-hand. I was able to see how an integrated and holistic approach to spinal health was proof on how the human body can heal itself through proper exercise. I then began practicing the art of Pilates on a more frequent basis and began taking individualized private lessons.

Pilates gave me back the health, energy, and core strength that I once had. It also gave me the mind, body and spiritual connection that I needed on a frequent basis. I am more comfortable with my body and have noticed significant differences in my posture, body awareness, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

Believing in the classical Pilates principals so much, I decided to open a studio of my own and invite Susan and LeAnn (who introduced me to Pilates) to join along! I am currently receiving my Level II certification and plan on becoming comprehensively certified by next January.

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